Will Mom be happy here? Answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Picking an assisted living facility for an elderly loved one is hard. How do we know? Because we regularly field questions from family members struggling to make the right choices.

We understand that you have questions. So, here are the most frequently asked inquiries the Sunset admissions team receives.

Do you provide meals?

Yes. Each location (Sunset House, Sunset Village, The Woodlands, and Fieldstone Villas) offers food service with meals prepared in-house. There are regular menu items as well as daily cooked-to-order specials.

How much does Sunset cost?

Pricing depends on each individual’s required level of care; that is, his or her need for assistance with various Activities of Daily Living (ADL). At Sunset, we determine an individual’s level of care needs—and thus, costs—via an assessment performed before admission.

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Does Sunset give rides to medical appointments?

We get that question a lot. In many cases, state and federal regulations require that we provide—or arrange for—transportation to and from physician appointments. Sunset’s fees cover up to six rides per year, which many residents use for physician appointments.

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What types of activities do you offer?

We design activities that engage individuals and enhance their lives, not just occupy their time. Activities include physical exercise, art classes, guest lectures, museum and entertainment field trips, movie nights, and more.

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What happens if my Mom runs out of money?

Sunset promises the security of a “home for life” for residents who meet specific residency requirements. Sunset assists residents who legitimately exhaust their financial resources. As a result, those residents will never be asked to leave or to go without the things they need.

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Can residents come and go from the building?

Absolutely. Sunset residents are free to enjoy our beautiful campus grounds or to travel to their favorite shopping, cultural, civic, and dining spots. For security purposes, we ask residents to sign out whenever they leave.

How many people live at Sunset?

It varies by community. Sunset House has approximately 85 residents, Sunset Village has 100, and The Woodlands has 65.

Can a resident’s family set up a medication pillbox?

Yes, as long as the resident can identify the medication and understands the dosage instructions.

What do you include in the price?

In most cases, Sunset charges a monthly fee that covers general living expenses, including rent, meals, housekeeping, utilities, and social activities. Residents can elect to pay more for additional amenities—such as personal laundry services, dry cleaning, and trips to the in-house hair salon. The pay-as-you-go model allows residents to tailor their living arrangements to their needs, preferences, and budget.

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What level of care is my Mom going to need?

People’s needs change periodically, and the care they require often increases over time. Sunset is prepared to meet those changing needs while allowing each person to maintain his or her individuality and dignity and assuring that transitioning between levels is smooth and stress-free.


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