Three Painted Rocks

Congratulations! You’ve discovered a very special Sunset rock.

Our residents rock. They enjoy custom painting small rocks with the hope that finding one will brighten someone’s day. If you’re on this webpage, you probably found one of our resident’s hand-painted rock somewhere around town. Now you can brighten his or her day simply by posting a photo of the rock to social media. Be sure to tag Sunset Retirement Communities and use the hashtag #SunsetRocks.


May is Older Americans Month, and the 2018 theme is Engage at Every Age. To celebrate, our residents painted their own designs on small rocks that we’ve hidden throughout the community—all with the intention of spreading joy to those who find them.

To recognize our residents’ efforts, we ask that you post a photo of your rock to social media. Be sure to say where you found it. We hope the rock has brightened your day and, in turn, that you’ll brighten an Older American’s day by letting them know who discovered the rock and where.

Happy Hunting! Remember to tag us: @SunsetRetirementCommunities on Facebook and @SunsetRC on Twitter. And be sure to use #SunsetRocks.

Two Painted Rocks