What our residents, their family members, and our staff think about Sunset Communities is important to us.

“Sunset Village was one of the best things that happened to Mom at this stage in her life. She found friends, music, exercise, and a staff that truly cared for her and loved her. I was amazed to see how many staff members (young, old, administrators, nurses, servers, aides, maintenance) came to see her when she was in nursing care, and they didn’t just come in to say hi; many hugged her and said they loved her.”

-Sharon C.
Sunset Family Member

Life at Sunset means your mom or dad is well cared for with plenty of opportunities to be active and connected with others. Plus, we offer a multitude of family activities you can share together.

“I moved to this area to be closer to my son. Living at Sunset means I have everything I need, and my son and I are still very involved in each other’s lives.”

-Vern G.
Sunset Resident

It’s natural to want to be near loved ones. But not every family is able to care for an aging parent in their home. In fact, moving someone into a home where family members are at work or school all day may leave a loved one feeling even more isolated and alone.

“When Mom moved to Sunset, I had the time and peace of mind to be more involved in my own life.”

-Tammy C.
Sunset Family Member

As adult children, we worry that it isn’t okay for a parent to live alone. We give up a portion of our own lives to help Mom or Dad live theirs. And at Sunset, we applaud the caregivers who are able to do that. But not everyone is. A move to Sunset means your parent is cared for, in a lively and engaging atmosphere. You’re still involved, but you also have time to live your own life.

“I have been at Sunset House since 1986. There are a lot of things that kept me here, like a great staff and good management. But most of all, I love the interaction with our residents. It’s not like a “nursing home,” it is one big family. We all work together for the good of the residents. They are all special people to me and I hope to be with Sunset another 20 years.”

-Dawn B.
Sunset House Associate since 1986

Sunset is proud of all of our associates, but we are especially proud of the many people, like Dawn, who have been with Sunset for over ten years.

“One of the many reasons I treasure my time on Sunset’s board of directors is how our residents call it home and our staff makes them feel like family.”

-Heidi Glosser
Past Chair, Sunset Communities Board of Directors

Sunset is deeply grateful to our dedicated board of directors. Experts in their respective fields, board members donate their valuable time to help ensure Sunset remains this area’s premier long-term care provider.

“Working with Ashanti Hospice and Palliative Care has been both rewarding and a joy. Being able to provide massage therapy services is a gift and a privilege. All the clients are unique, as are their needs. Working with the dedicated and loving staff at Ashanti—as a team—makes providing comfort and care to clients and their families so awesome. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

-Kathleen Pollauf, LMT
Massage Therapist

At Ashanti Hospice and Palliative Care, our focus is on the whole person—not just the illness—and is centered on comfort.