Our goal at Sunset Village is to get rehabilitating clients functioning comfortably, so they can get on with enjoying their lives.

If your doctor prescribes rehabilitation, Sunset Village has living options designed with your convenience in mind. Whether you’re convalescing after surgery or recovering from a long-term illness, you’ll rest easier knowing our attentive staff provides around-the-clock support.


We offer a long list of rehab services, from neurological therapy for clients recovering from strokes to physical therapy for joint and mobility issues. Your physician will prescribe your personal program and adjust it as you progress through your treatment.

Rehab features:

  • 6500 sq. ft. gym, mobility court, SwimEx® therapy pool
  • 24-hour nursing care
  • Rehab programs for orthopedic, neurological, cardiac, disease management of diabetes, congestive heart failure, cardiopulmonary disease, and post surgical pain management and fall prevention
  • Private treatment rooms
  • Therapy treatment up to 7 days per week
  • Private, apartment-style suites with Wi-Fi access and personal concierge-like services to make your stay comfortable
  • Daily life enrichment offerings
  • 24-hour admissions accepted
  • Medicare and other commercial insurance plans accepted
  • Eden Alternative® registered community
  • Campus is conveniently located in Sylvania
  • In-patient and outpatient rehab available
  • Pet friendly


Our trained medical professionals will help you recover lost mobility, regain muscle function, and improve communication skills while providing needed emotional support.

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We apply our person-centered care philosophy—called The Eden Alternative®—to create collaborative rehab partnerships between caregivers and care receivers.

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A Comfortable Setting

Healing at Sunset Village is more convenient than traveling daily to and from rehab centers, where there’s greater chance of re-injury.

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New days begin at Sunset.

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We’ve expanded our rehab services to feature a new 6,500-square-foot rehab gym, private apartment-style suites, a SwimEx® warm-water therapy pool, and personalized concierge services. Take a virtual tour.

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