Sunset Village Rehab uses the latest rehabilitation equipment to ensure your successful recovery—and to support your comfort and safety during treatment.

SwimEx® Therapy Pool

Sunset Village Rehab provides aquatic therapy in our state-of-the-art hydrotherapy pool. Using water’s natural buoyancy and resistive properties, aquatic therapy limits stress on your muscles and joints—and lets you actively exercise more comfortably.

Dynamic Stair Trainer

By replicating a normal staircase, the stair trainer helps you improve strength and balance while building self-confidence.

Biodex Balance SystemTM

The balance system helps you compensate for changes in body position, motion, and equilibrium following an injury.


Using a CyberCycle, we’re able to incorporate virtual reality that enhances exercise while making therapy fun.

Biodex Unweighing System®

The unweighing system is ideal for clients with weight-bearing restrictions, balance dysfunctions, and neuropathy.