We are extremely proud of our history and, in honor of our founders, we offer you this glimpse into our past.


The Women’s Christian Association of Toledo, with Harriet May Barlow as President, established an organization to meet the “moral, spiritual, mental, social, and physical welfare of homeless or friendless women in our midst” and was officially incorporated in 1873 as the “Home for Friendless Women.”


By 1889, we were in our second location, a home on Collingwood donated by local businessman, W.J. Finlay, and the official name was “The Old Ladies Home of Toledo.”


In 1928, land on Indian Road was purchased and a building campaign was launched. Thanks to the generous citizens of Toledo, the current Sunset House manor building was completed in 1930.

1940s - 70s

From the 1940s through the 1970s, renovations and additions reshaped the building’s structure. It was about this time that the name Sunset House was coined by the residents who were happily living the “sunset” of their lives.


The 1990s brought several momentous decisions. We welcomed our inaugural male resident, as well as couples. We also embarked on a major expansion by building The Woodlands and Sunset Village.


Sunset Communities began Ashanti Hospice and Palliative Care in 2009 to provide compassion, comfort, and care to individuals nearing life’s end.


In 2015, Sunset broke ground on Fieldstone Villas—a new approach to supported independent living—featuring maintenance-free homes located on the Sunset Village campus.

Harriet M Barlow

Today, we give thanks to Mrs. Barlow and those who came before us.

And like them, the staff and Board of Directors are committed to ensuring Sunset’s continued success by planning for the future, keeping abreast of changes in the long-term care environment, seeking ways to bring new and inventive ways of caring into our homes, and by safeguarding our financial stability.