We invite you to reconsider the idea of growing older.

It may seem a stretch to think about “sunset years” and “the future” together, but that’s the way we think at Sunset Communities. And we invite you—our community’s stakeholders—to think that way, too.

Sunset Communities invites you to help us ensure the quality of life that makes for a healthy and successful society—where no one is forgotten and every person’s future includes opportunities for growth and personal fulfillment—for our clients.

For nearly a century and a half, Sunset has reached out to society’s most vulnerable members to offer them safety, hope, and love. Our governing board, comprised of dedicated professionals, honors an excellent legacy of fiscal stewardship that is reflected in our A-credit rating from Fitch (unusual for our market).

In the homes of Sunset Communities, we have maintained an uninterrupted philosophy of care, healing, and health. Today, this is best seen and felt in our embrace of The Eden Alternative, which states that care is not a one-way street but rather a collaborative partnership. And life—no matter where or when—is about continuing to grow.

So we invite you to join us in our campaign for the future.

We support targeted giving. For example, let’s say you are a patron of the arts and you’d like to see your funds help keep the arts alive at Sunset. We will make sure that happens through our Artists & Residents programming.

A gift to the Activities Fund means that enlightening and engaging activities and outings—including parties and celebrations—can be planned more often and include each and every resident, regardless of personal financial situations.

Or maybe your pets mean the world to you. Our pets are important to us, too! Salt and fresh water aquariums, dogs, cats, and birds all make a positive contribution to our homes. But the cost of keeping all our furry, finned, and feathered friends healthy can add up. Giving to the Pet Fund will help ease that burden.

We make a promise to each and every person living with us that they will never be asked to leave or do without things they need if they outlive their financial resources. Your gift to the Residents’ Assistance Fund helps us ensure that we always keep that promise.

So as you think about your legacy, please consider a gift to Sunset Communities. Every gift means a better way of life for our residents—people whose future is just as significant as their past.

With warm regards,

Vicky Bartlett, President and CEO
Sunset Communities

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